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Hi beautiful readers, I am Khalid Shaikh. I and my brother Ahmed Shaikh created this blog rightinfo.ae to help all citizens and travelers around the United Arab Emirates regarding common issues and doubts they face with Nol Card, Emirates ID, DU, Etisalat, etc.

Rightinfo.ae Authors
Rightinfo.ae Authors

When I started living in UAE, I searched on Google for every question that appeared in my mind regarding things that got newly introduced in my life like NOL Card and all. But, I never found any satisfactory information on the internet.

So, I decided to help people who are in the same stage and travelers who have no idea about services in UAE. As now I am living in Dubai, UAE for around the last 7 years, I became an expert in all these things and now I will share my expertise with you all. 😉

This is our simple motive behind this website to help all UAE people and travelers.

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